Abandoned Ellis Island – Hardhat Tour


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After the shocking success of Castle in the Woods, I realized that some of our exploration posts can have a home on this blog. A few times per year, the Save Ellis Island group hosts a hardhat tour of the closed parts of Ellis Island which they are trying to restore and open to the public. These are the TB wards, the hospitals, the mortuaries, the schools, and the holding areas for millions of souls. To say I had a hard time properly expressing the burden of doing right by millions of people who passed through is an understatement. I hope you enjoy the photographic journey of 207 photos from arriving on Ellis Island, to exploring the abandoned portion, to the operational main hall today…. Click on any photo to enlarge it. Please let me know if you have any feedback.


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Reading List for December 29, 2017


Sex, Satanism and the 19th Century ‘War of the Magicians’ On History Answers, James Hoare writes about the intense rivalry among the occultists who claimed to be prophets and magicians in mid-19th century France, who gave rise to the satanic churches.

σα_1US Prisoner Gouged Out Eyes After Jail Denied Mental Health Care, Lawsuit Says In The Guardian, Sam Levin writes about Ryan Partridge, a Colorado man who, during an acute bout of schizophrenia, attempted suicide twice and plucked out his eyes and was beaten and tased  by guards in response.

The Cutthroat World of Victorian Orchid Hunters On Modern Farmer, Andrew Amelinckx writes about the men whose incursions into the tropics in the 19th century fueled the orchid craze back in Victorian England.

Bussed Out In The Guardian, the paper’s Outside In America team writes about the policy among some major cities to offer free bus tickets to homeless people…

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Reading List for December 29, 2017

Reading List for November 23, 2017


Death Trips On The Baffler, Ann Neumann writes about the rise of death doulas, non-medical professionals who assist people who are dying in order to make their death a more comfortable one, and all of the assumptions about death, faulty or wise, that profession is based on.

Time of Death: Some Patients Prefer to Die Alone On Pallimed, Lizzie Miles writes about  those people who don’t feel comfortable – even in an unresponsive state – about dying with their loved ones around them and, in a way, sneak their deaths when their families leave momentarily.

singlealone_newspaperclip-e1375130719726Neoliberalism and the Global Financial Crisis [Automatic PDF Download] a 2009 paper, University of Wollongong researcher Sharon Beder very clearly shows exactly how the neoliberal policies created under Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher and continued today are responsible for the enriching the wealthy at the expense of the middle and lower classes. Please read this.

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Reading List for November 23, 2017

What it has taken me 33 years to learn

The Justin McElroy Institute

Screen Shot 2013-11-08 at 9.30.05 AM

-You can be funny and kind or funny and cruel. The second one is easier, but the first one is worth it.

-Dip the french fry in the Frosty. Go on, try it.

-Habit is a powerful force we forget about until it’s turned against us. Be careful which ones you create.

-You will remember the most embarrassing crap you do in your life forever and in perfect clarity. Everyone else will remember the kindest things you do. It all comes out in the wash.

-If you’re doing a remote podcast, it’s worth it to record audio locally and mix it together. Trust me on this one.

-You’re the only one who can let go of your grudges. It’s worth it, I promise. They’re not doing you any good.

-Doing the good, brave, kind things can feel silly if you let your internal critic get in the way. Reminder: No…

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What it has taken me 33 years to learn

SYSK Episodes (as of 13 Sep 2016)

NOTE: This list does not include duplicate releases (TV bonuses)


  1. How Grassoline Works
  2. How Altruism Works
  3. How Lame Ducks Work
  4. Are Nazi War Criminals Still At Large?
  5. How Trolley Problems Work
  6. Can I feel pregnant when my wife is?
  7. Why Does Toothpaste Make Orange Juice Taste Bad?
  8. How Evolution in Isolation Works
  9. Are Dogs Really Man’s Best Friend?
  10. Does Gum Stay in your Stomach for Seven Years?
  11. How Antibacterial Soap Works
  12. Can People Really Get Hysterical Strength?
  13. How Contagious Yawning Works
  14. How The Eye of a Tornado Works
  15. Could salt water fuel cars?
  16. What’s the most expensive toilet in the world?
  17. How Manufacturing Water Works
  18. How Swearing at Work Works
  19. How Oil Shale Works
  20. How Death-Proof Cars Work
  21. How Murphy’s Law Works
  22. How Abandoned Cities Work
  23. How Personal Rapid Transport Works
  24. How Ripperology Works
  25. Can I Survive a Shark Attack by Gouging Out Its Eyes?
  26. Are Dogs a Shark’s Favorite Meal?
  27. How Carbon Capture Works
  28. Why do people blush?
  29. Is knife hunting the fairest way to hunt?
  30. Exactly what happens if we run out of water?
  31. Are there real-life fight clubs?
  32. Is there a torture manual?
  33. How could a cat scuba dive?
  34. 10 Terribly Bungled Crimes
  35. Are humans wired to survive?
  36. How Blood Pressure Works
  37. Will robots get married?
  38. What are smart mobs?
  39. Is there a worst way to die?
  40. What’s the difference between deodorant and antiperspirant?
  41. Is sleep that important?
  42. Why don’t we live underground?
  43. What is the ultimatum game?
  44. How Can I Erase My Identity and Start Over?
  45. Is quitting smoking contagious?
  46. How Graceland Works
  47. How Delta Force Works
  48. How China’s Pollution Sniffers Work
  49. How Entomophagy Works
  50. How Cannibalism Works
  51. Will we soon be extinct?
  52. How Living Off the Grid Works
  53. How the Bailout Works
  54. How do Tibetans avoid altitude sickness?
  55. Is a free market “free” if it’s regulated?
  56. How Prayer Healing Works
  57. Why do grooms carry brides over the threshold?
  58. How Mortgage-backed Securities Work
  59. Did the CIA test LSD on unsuspecting Americans?
  60. Why doesn’t the FDA regulate herbal supplements?
  61. How Eco-anxiety Works
  62. How Corporate Personhood Works
  63. How Albert Einstein’s Brain Worked
  64. How Thanksgiving Works
  65. How OCD Works
  66. How Guerrilla Gardening Works
  67. How the Five Day Weekend Works
  68. Extended Product Warranties: To Buy or Not to Buy?
  69. Where’s the best place on your body to get shot?
  70. What can be done with a dead body?
  71. How Flirting Works
  72. How to Survive a Plane Crash
  73. How Habeas Corpus Works
  74. How Midnight Regulations Work
  75. How Exorcism Works
  76. How Body Armor Works: A Special Request
  77. What are urban explorers?
  78. How Readheads Work
  79. Recycling and the Great Pacific Garbage Patch
  80. How Moonshine Works
  81. How Comas Work
  82. How Hypoallergenic Cats Work
  83. Why do some people believe the moon landings were a hoax?
  84. Why is it so hard to say “toy boat” three times fast?
  85. How long can you go without food and water?
  86. How Friday the 13th Works
  87. How Squatting Works
  88. How Going Over Niagara Works
  89. Can people really die of fright?
  90. How Junk Mail Works
  91. Could a ‘thinking cap’ make me a genius?
  92. Who owns the oceans?
  93. How Aphrodisiacs Work
  94. What are microexpressions?
  95. Can anger be a good thing?
  96. How Déjà Vu Works
  97. Are there dead bodies on Mount Everest?
  98. Is the world going to end in 2012?
  99. Bizarre Ways to Die
  100. How can some centenarians lead unhealthy lives?
  101. How Ponzi Schemes Work
  102. How Money Laundering Works
  103. Do toads cause warts?
  104. How much money do I really need to live?
  105. How Face Transplants Work
  106. Is high fructose corn syrup bad for you?
  107. How do credit default swaps work?
  108. Why do humans have body hair?
  109. How can a lake explode?
  110. What causes rigor mortis?
  111. Is it better to buy local or organic food?
  112. How Lobotomies Work
  113. Do animals have a sixth sense?
  114. How Propaganda Works
  115. Is spontaneous human combustion real?
  116. What’s a brownfield remediation project?
  117. How Biohydrocarbons Work
  118. How did Nikola Tesla change the way we use energy?
  119. How Carbon Capture and Storage Works
  120. Three Innovations We Need Right Now
  121. What exactly is the Peter Principle?
  122. Can you control your dreams?
  123. How Body Dysmorphic Disorder Works
  124. How Earthquakes Work
  125. How can hypermiling save you gas?
  126. Is it possible to brainwash someone?
  127. How Twinkies Work
  128. How has toxoplasma turned the world into zombies?
  129. What is a body farm?
  130. Are stupid people happier?
  131. Three Gross Parasites
  132. What are tinnovators?
  133. How Whale Sharks Work
  134. How Agent Orange Worked
  135. What’s up with competitive eating?
  136. What are Japanese stragglers?
  137. Is fluoride making us stupid?
  138. What’s sarcopenia and what can you do about it?
  139. Is the Necronomicon real?
  140. How easy is it to steal a nuclear bomb?
  141. How Muppets Work
  142. Why is the U.S. so dependent on cars?
  143. What is an Ig Nobel Prize?
  144. What is geocaching?
  145. Could microlending develop the world?
  146. How Health Care in the United States Works Right Now
  147. How do dogs perceive time?
  148. President Obama’s Health Care Plan: Soup to Nuts
  149. Do zombies really exist?
  150. Rumors, Myths and Truths Behind Obama’s Health Care Plan
  151. Is Bhutan on to something with Gross National Happiness?
  152. Health Care Systems Around the World
  153. Who were the first Americans?
  154. How to Find the History of Your House
  155. What is a hangover, really?
  156. What is China’s one-child policy?
  157. How the Cannonball Run Worked
  158. How Witness Protection Works
  159. The Real How Jack the Ripper Worked
  160. Can you remember being born?
  161. How Product Placement Works
  162. How will the future crime database work?
  163. How Population Works
  164. What’s the deal with totem poles?
  165. 10 Odd Town Festivals
  166. What is Mutual Assured Destruction?
  167. How Hostage Negotiation Works
  168. How Food Cravings Work
  169. How Near-Death Experiences Work
  170. Will the Large Hadron Collider destroy the Earth?
  171. How the Hells Angels Work
  172. How Narco States Work
  173. How Kleptomania Works
  174. Do concussions cause early death?
  175. How Christmas Worked
  176. How Pirates Work
  177. How Human Experimentation Works
  178. How Noodling Works
  179. How Mercenaries Work
  180. How Organ Donation Works
  181. How the Sun Works
  182. Why are honeybees disappearing?
  183. Will the moon save humanity?
  184. What are ninja?
  185. Are there undiscovered people?
  186. How Swat Teams Work
  187. Why do we believe in urban legends?
  188. How Witchcraft Works
  189. How Braille Works
  190. Who are the Amish?
  191. Five Crazy Government Experiments
  192. How Bail Works
  193. How Bounty Hunters Work
  194. Was Mesopotamia the Cradle of Civilization?
  195. How Scabies Work
  196. What’s the deal with carbon trading?
  197. What exactly is Fascism?
  198. How Lotteries Work
  199. Who were the Vikings?
  200. How Urban Planning Works
  201. How Taxidermy Works
  202. What the heck is a hiccup?
  203. How McDonald’s Works
  204. How Desertification Works
  205. Are zoos good or bad for animals?
  206. How Tourette Syndrome Works
  207. How Castles Work
  208. Are there people who can’t feel pain?
  209. Mirror Neurons: Are there people who feel others’ pain?
  210. What makes a genius?
  211. How Cliff Diving Works
  212. How LEGOs Work
  213. How hard is it to steal a work of art?
  214. How Twins Work How Twins Work
  215. 5 Successful Counterfeiters
  216. SYSK’s Guatemalan Adventure, Part One
  217. SYSK’s Guatemalan Adventure, Part Two
  218. What makes a serial killer?
  219. Can humans start an earthquake?
  220. How do you clean up an oil spill?
  221. How Flamethrowers Work
  222. What’s the deal with sinkholes?
  223. Can your grandfather’s diet shorten your life?
  224. How the Innocence Project Works
  225. How Samurai Work
  226. How Ghost Prisons Work
  227. Can quicksand kill you?
  228. How Traffic Works
  229. Did Thomas Jefferson rewrite the Bible?
  230. What’s the deal with Voodoo?
  231. How do butterfly wings get their color?
  232. How Reincarnation Works
  233. What’s the deal with Bond, James Bond?
  234. Taste and How it Works
  235. Saunas: More Interesting Than You Think!
  236. Why Ticks Suck
  237. How Presidential Pardons Work
  238. How Quantum Suicide Works
  239. What’s so special about Route 66?
  240. How Grow Houses Work
  241. Prisons: Not as Fun as You’d Think
  242. Breathalyzers: Really, Really Complicated
  243. How the MARS Turbine Works
  244. How Sleepwalking Works
  245. How Freemasons Work
  246. How Cremation Works
  247. How are college football rankings determined?
  248. How Crime-Scene Clean-up Works
  249. How Customs Works
  250. How Mirrors Work
  251. What is biospeleology?
  252. Octopus, Octopi, Octopod, Octopuses
  253. Hypnosis: You’re Getting Sleepy
  254. How Roller Derby Works
  255. Is tone deafness hereditary?
  256. Why would anyone want multiple spouses?
  257. How Knights Work
  258. Is science phasing out sleep?
  259. How House Swapping Works
  260. How Gender Reassignment Works
  261. Can you treat mental illness with psychedelics?
  262. Jealous much?
  263. The Tomb
  264. Animal Migration: Where’s that gnu gnoing?
  265. Addiction: Why you can’t kick SYSK
  266. Prohibition: Turns Out That America Loves to Drink
  267. How Rehab Works
  268. Have all the good ideas already been discovered?
  269. Can Lifestraw save the world?
  270. A Rigid, Sterile Look at Kissing
  271. How Dreadlocks Work
  272. How Circumcision Works
  273. How the Rules of War Work
  274. Green Renovation and Construction
  275. How Hanukkah Works
  276. How Agritourism Works
  277. How Migraines Work
  278. Why can’t we find Amelia Earhart?
  279. How Homelessness Works
  280. How Immigration Works
  281. How Volcanoes Work
  282. Should you not eat gluten?
  283. How Antiques Work
  284. Little, Fluffy Clouds
  285. Does acupuncture work?
  286. How the Mafia Works
  287. Can oceans power the world?
  288. What has the world’s deadliest venom?
  289. How Munchausen Syndrome Works
  290. Scooby Dooby Doo, Where Are You?
  291. How Bartering Works
  292. How the Black Death Worked
  293. How Blood Pattern Analysis Works
  294. How Crime Scene Photography Works
  295. How Tickling Works
  296. What is stagflation?
  297. Were U.S. citizens in Japanese internment camps?
  298. How Fossils Work
  299. Who is “The Leader?” (How Cults Work)
  300. Is it legal to sterilize addicts?
  301. How Mummies Work
  302. Why’s that dude in that dumpster?
  303. How a Nuclear Meltdown Works
  304. That Dang-old Goat Fell Over
  305. How Igloos Work
  306. SYSK Live from SXSW: How UFOs Work
  307. Does oil speculation increase gas prices?
  308. How Molecular Gastronomy Works
  309. How Exploitation Films Work
  310. Shoo Fly Don’t Bother Me
  311. How Wills Work
  312. Do you stay conscious after being decapitated?
  313. How Rollercoasters Work, Minus the Fun
  314. How Parkour Works
  315. A Podcast to Remember (How Memory Works)
  316. What is mountaintop removal mining?
  317. How Con Artists Work
  318. Can the sun kill you?
  319. What is parallel evolution?
  320. What is terror management theory?
  321. How do I start my own country?
  322. How Nicotine Works
  323. How Fear Works
  324. How the Underground Railroad Worked
  325. Was Malthus right about carrying capacity?
  326. How Military Snipers Work
  327. How Curiosity Works
  328. How Suicide Bombers Work
  329. How Shrunken Heads Work
  330. How Asteroid Mining Could Work
  331. Who was America’s first murderer?
  332. How Hate Works
  333. Human Cannonballs
  334. Stuff You Should Know July 4th Extravaganza, Part 1: Mom
  335. Stuff You Should Know July 4th Extravaganza, Part 2
  336. Does smiling make you happy?
  337. How Karma Works
  338. How Wildfires Work
  339. How SPAM Works
  340. Can you sweat colors?
  341. Ethnobotany: How to Get Drugs from Plants
  342. What’s the future of the internet?
  343. Laughter: What’s so funny about that?
  344. How Murphy’s Law Works, the Redux
  345. How to Land on a Government Watch List
  346. How Schizophrenia Works
  347. The Cheesiest SYSK Episode Ever
  348. Cryonics: Hi, Frozen Body!
  349. How Lie Detectors Work
  350. 10 Scientists Who Were Their Own Guinea Pigs
  351. How the World Trade Center Memorial Works
  352. How Casinos Work
  353. How the Moon Works
  354. How Acne Works
  355. How Family Crests Work
  356. How Sword Swallowing Works
  357. How U.S. Marshals Work
  358. How Silly Putty Works
  359. How the Peace Corps Works
  360. A Podcast on Zoot Suits? Yes
  361. The Wind Cries Typhoid Mary
  362. The Nile IS Just a River in Egypt
  363. Do you lose the right to privacy when you die?
  364. How Anti-matter Spacecraft Will Work
  365. Berenice
  366. How the Autobahn Worked
  367. What Saved the American Bison
  368. How Gene Patents Work
  369. How Presidential Debates Work
  370. How Alcatraz Works
  371. How Air Force One Works
  372. Crossbows: They Look Cool
  373. How Thoroughbred Horses Work
  374. Cash Debit or Credit: Which is best?
  375. What made the donkey and the elephant political?
  376. How Daylight Saving Time Works
  377. How the Digestive System Works
  378. How McCarthyism Works
  379. How Earthworms Work
  380. How Pepper Spray Works
  381. Josh and Chuck’s Christmas Extravaganza
  382. What happens in the brain during an orgasm?
  383. Coffee: The World’s Drug of Choice
  384. How Yo-Yos Work
  385. Was there a curse on King Tut’s tomb?
  386. Can you vacation in Antarctica?
  387. What’s the deal with the Bermuda Triangle?
  388. Are contrails actually chemtrails?
  389. How Mexican Wrestling Works
  390. How Human Trafficking Works
  391. How Floods Work
  392. How Magic Mushrooms Work
  393. What’s the 10,000 Year Clock?
  394. Pickpockets: Artists or Crooks?
  395. How Coral Reefs Work
  396. How Zero Works
  397. How Autopsies Work
  398. How Spies Work
  399. Fasting: deadly or what?
  400. How Crying Works
  401. How SETI Works
  402. Duels: A guide to throwing down the gauntlet
  403. How Noah’s Ark Worked
  404. Should chimps be used for medical testing?
  405. How the Donner Party Worked
  406. How Comic Books: Live from SXSW
  407. How Tipping Works
  408. 10 Big Cases of Revenge
  409. How Music Sampling Works
  410. How Diamonds Work
  411. How Beer Works
  412. Was Atlantis a real place?
  413. Body Odor: You Stink
  414. How Whaling Works
  415. Social Security Numbers: Less Boring Than You’d Think
  416. How Air Traffic Control Works
  417. How Medical Marijuana Works
  418. How did language evolve?
  419. How Bullfighting Works
  420. Did the Dutch trade Manhattan for nutmeg?
  421. What is a shotgun house?
  422. Interpol: World Police
  423. What is the future of Earth?
  424. How Labor Unions Work
  425. Are we obsessed with goals?
  426. Do video games produce real-life violence?
  427. Can it rain frogs?
  428. How Moss Works
  429. Fractals: Whoa
  430. Should we have a fat tax?
  431. Whatever happened to acid rain?
  432. How Icebergs Work (Very Cool)
  433. 10 Accidental Inventions: By the Numbers
  434. Lying Liars: How Lying Works, Liar
  435. What’s the deal with Executive Orders?
  436. Is the Dead Sea dead?
  437. How Tabloids Work
  438. Geysers: Nature’s Innuendo
  439. How Lightning Works
  440. How Disco Works
  441. Did a cow start the Great Chicago Fire?
  442. How White-collar Crime Works
  443. How Time Travel Works (Live a SD Comic-Con)
  444. How the Musketeers Worked
  445. Can we build an elevator to space?
  446. How Ramadan Works
  447. How Shark Attacks Work
  448. The Shark Diaries
  449. Did Reagan’s Star Wars program win the Cold War?
  450. Why You Probably Have a Criminal Record
  451. What happens to abandoned mines?
  452. How the Electoral College Works
  453. How Flesh-eating Bacteria Work
  454. Can you test a nuclear weapon without a fallout?
  455. Bioluminescence: A Bright and Shiny Fish
  456. How Asexuality Works
  457. How Book Banning Works
  458. Are we all Martians?
  459. Why does music provoke emotion?
  460. Q: Are we in the midst of cyberwar? A: Yes
  461. Subways: HUH! What are they good for?
  462. How Whiskey Runners Worked
  463. How Fire Works
  464. How Rainforests Work
  465. How Pizza Works!
  466. How Black Holes Work
  467. How Lion Taming Works
  468. How Commercial Jingles Work
  469. Exoskeletons: How’s it coming?
  470. SYSK’s Halloween Horror Fiction Winner!
  471. Is Stockholm Syndrome real?
  472. Yakuza: From Samurai to Slot Machines
  473. What will happen when we reach the Singularity?
  474. How close are we to holographic environments?
  475. How Meth Works
  476. Should we be designing our children?
  477. Philanthropy: Humankind and Loving It
  478. Why do leaves change colors in the fall?
  479. How Caving Works
  480. How Vampires Work
  481. Will we reach peak oil?
  482. Why isn’t the U.S. on the metric system?
  483. How Condoms Work
  484. Lab-grown meat: Order up!
  485. How Barbie® Doll Works
  486. Josh and Chuck’s Christmas Extravaganza 2012
  487. How Dog Shows Work
  488. How Bigfoot Works
  489. What was America’s first terrorist threat?
  490. Can you outrun an alligator in a zig-zag?
  491. Why do men have nipples?
  492. How Death Masks Work
  493. Does the five-second rule work?
  494. How Alien Hand Syndrome Works
  495. How the Frick Fracking Works
  496. Fecal Transplants: You Gonna Drink That Poop?
  497. How Bees Work
  498. How Stuntmen (and -women) Work
  499. How Gold Works
  500. How Garbage-powered Cars Could Work
  501. How Willpower Works
  502. How Weather Modification Works
  503. How Jet Lag Works
  504. Myths About the Brain
  505. How Surfing Works
  506. What Would Happen If the World Stopped Spinning?
  507. How CPR Works
  508. How the Papacy Works
  509. What Makes a One-hit Wonder?
  510. Do People Really Run Off to Join the French Foreign Legion?
  511. How Police Sketches Work
  512. How the U.S. Postal Service Works
  513. How Apartheid Worked
  514. Gesundheit! How Allergies Work
  515. What was the most peaceful time in history?
  516. How No-fly Zones Work
  517. How the Panama Canal Works
  518. How Grief Works
  519. What’s the deal with duckbill platypuses?
  520. Do men and women have different brains?
  521. How Marriage Works
  522. Uses of the Insanity Defense
  523. How Magnets Work
  524. What makes us yawn?
  525. Is there such a thing as a truth serum?
  526. How Dungeons and Dragons Works
  527. How Fair Trade Works
  528. How Foot Binding Worked
  529. How Electroconvulsive Therapy Works
  530. How Aerosol Cans Work
  531. How Cicadas Work
  532. How PTSD Works
  533. How Police Chases Work
  534. How Coffins Work
  535. What happened to the lost colony at Roanoke?
  536. How do trees affect the weather?
  537. How Drag Queens Work
  538. Capgras Syndrome: You Are Not Who You Think You Are
  539. How Bitcoin Works
  540. How Ghosts Work
  541. What’s the deal with Rasputin’s death?
  542. How Burning Man Works
  543. How Pollen Works
  544. How Miranda Rights Work
  545. 10 Medieval Torture Devices
  546. How Hip-hop Works
  547. How Building Implosions Work
  548. Who owns an abandoned house?
  549. Why should you never scare a vulture?
  550. How Maps Work
  551. How LARP Works
  552. How Fingerprinting Works
  553. How Horseshoes Work
  554. How does a diving bell work?
  555. Why was Davy Crockett king of the wild frontier?
  556. How Cockroaches Work
  557. How Ejection Seats Work
  558. History’s Greatest Traitors
  559. How Broken Bones Work
  560. How did 168 conquistadors take down the Inca empire?
  561. How the Rosetta Stone Works
  562. How much money is in the world?
  563. How Breast Implants Work
  564. Can you die of a broken heart?
  565. How IEDs Work
  566. How Dying Works
  567. How Crack Works
  568. Does owning a gun change your behavior?
  569. What’s the deal with diplomatic immunity?
  570. Can NASA predict natural disasters?
  571. Did Archimedes build a death ray?
  572. How Handwriting Analysis Works
  573. How the Maori Work
  574. 10 Easy Ways to Save Money
  575. How Guide Dogs Work
  576. How Revisionist History Works
  577. How Ouija Boards Work
  578. The Empty House
  579. What’s with the Winchester Mystery House?
  580. How Chess Works
  581. How Lewis and Clark Worked
  582. Some Interesting Things You Didn’t Know About Stephen Hawking
  583. How Werewolves Work
  584. How Chocolate Works
  585. Who killed JFK?
  586. Is there a scientific formula for funny?
  587. How Black Friday Works
  588. How Castration Works
  589. How Maglev Trains Work
  590. How HeLa Cells Work
  591. How Underwater Tunnels Work
  592. How Manhunts Work
  593. Is lethal injection humane?
  594. Josh and Chuck’s Warm and Cozy Christmas Extravaganza 2013
  595. How Fire Breathing Works
  596. Will solar sails take us to the stars?
  597. Could you live without a refrigerator?
  598. Your limb is torn off – now what?
  599. How Filibusters Work
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  602. Chuck and Josh Bust a Few Everyday Myths
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  604. What’s the deal with the debt ceiling?
  605. What are crystal skulls?
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  608. Do objects or experiences make us happier?
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  611. How Amputation Works
  612. Termites: They Bore But They Aren’t Boring
  613. What happened at Kent State?
  614. How the Spanish Inquisition Worked
  615. How Online Dating Works
  616. How Skateboarding Works
  617. How Black Boxes Work
  618. Tattoos: Not Just For Dirtbags Anymore
  619. How Electricity Works
  620. How Amnesia Works
  621. How Landslides Work
  622. How 3D Printing Works
  623. How Income Taxes Work
  624. How Charles Darwin Worked
  625. How Natural Selection Works
  626. How Dissociative Identity Disorder Works
  627. How Burlesque Works
  628. How Mars Works
  629. Halitosis: Worst Smell Ever?
  630. How the ACLU Works
  631. How Marijuana Works
  632. How Gypsies Work
  633. How Bipolar Disorder Works
  634. How the Human Microbiome Project Works
  635. How the Paleo Diet Works
  636. 8 Reasons Why Your Body Is So Gross
  637. How Avalanches Work
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  639. Archaeology in a Nutshell
  640. Why is Venice so wet?
  641. How the Space Race Worked
  642. How the Placebo Effect Works
  643. Sugar: It Powers the Earth
  644. Is your employer spying on you?
  645. How Soccer Works
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  651. How Grass Works? Yes, How Grass Works
  652. How Sushi Works
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  655. The Skinny on Probiotics
  656. Is there a dark side of the moon?
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  834. Our cats episode – right here, right meow
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  836. How the Gender Pay Gap Works
  837. How the Big Bang Worked
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  839. Does Kin Selection Explain Altruism?
  840. Tornado Myths and Truths
  841. What was Operation Plowshare?
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  843. How LSD Works
  844. How Snake Handlers Work
  845. True stories of survival cannibalism!
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  848. Chiggers: The Phantom Menace
  849. How Crumple Zones Work
  850. How SuperBalls Work
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  856. How Space Stations Work
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  860. Research tips from SYSK
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  867. What is exploding head syndrome?
  868. How Night Terrors Work
  869. Mermaids: Not a real thing
  870. Evel Knievel Part I
  871. Evel Knievel Part II
  872. How Woolly Mammoths Worked
  873. The Delightful History of Steam Technology
  874. Jellyfish: Even Cooler than Octopi?
  875. This Custom of Customs
  876. How Food Tasters Work
  877. How the Negro Leagues Worked
  878. How Animal Testing Works
  879. Do Animals Have Natural Rights?
  880. Alexander Hamilton: Most Influential American?

Compiled by Jill Hurley

@genealogy_jill on Twitter



SYSK Episodes (as of 13 Sep 2016)

The Zone Cast Ep 1 Voice-to-Text Transcription

I tried using Dragon, a voice to text translation app, to help with my transcription of The Adventure Zone episodes. It didn’t work at all. What it did was turn out mind-blowing hilarity:

KS a magic sword to kill three more hit higher hound feeling thing is is that he’s got to cease just too beautiful he’s too perfect to lift his his face is just one more hand you would think that would factor into his name but well this is Griffin Matt sideburns know for weird but Burnside was that the sideburns are twice as bushy as the rest of the beer that’s so weird look what he started out cyber them and just stop okay not to be

this is Roy dad see euro which begins to stroke a double man’s workplace I love you Game stop math Iraq tacos was capable of IQ

yeah I had spellcasting abilities you didn’t even I mean that was redundant to bias or was it was capable of IQ I have a book that I can look at the get to just relax a little bit to get back in my myself what the fuck what’s the secret to book that I carry around with me to the seven habits of highly effective people are fantastic that way but he didn’t turn them down to go out I understand that he does care he carries a vanity mirror with them because Sunday he will decide to just take it back to the sideburns and he wants to be ready I understand

She was at the wine mixer and is the more time sealed our whole winter yeah it sounds disgusting really calling silly very blue jeans call Darren saying this is our game will start Tony’s grieves very blue jeans and bouncy to try bring the ingredients to create what people are just the Sopranos no cultured milk displaying the world. Our timing with the sour cream what’s you can crack the fucking middleman I’ll give it to you I will shower you with riches to talk about Nate lactose intolerant we bring food yet don’t be a Fedora that we the oxen you idiot a Wizard of Oz like him I had a very bluesy delivery okay so when you say the robber had like a day ahead yards ahead that night you sitting up in the morning

Our plastic caps I like cakes they are sure we just IR which are taking to a storefront in Finland called Parsons provisions and upon receipt they will give you payment but you got those up with some armor some blasting caps and food I’ll be sending this to go be at dropping off some supplies for traveling with it whenever you arrive safely and we’ve got the razzle adventure alliance 2000

I’m it’s funny you guys are traveling with a lot of general store good Armenia a bunch of parcels of land leather armor

you know it is a deep off and assist that you sent their asses on fire that is yet or you can write to them and smash them with you wherever the brakes were on the card there on the ground shows your assertive in the saddle driving the cart through the assertive towards the front of the card where Magness summing you up to to warn you they did horses so you’re all basically towards the front of the card… So there is not really a bus at this level I can throw when you guys still burning throughout your thoughts which I will out of character tell you these goblins probably don’t merit their caution they got your printer

action to combat H 10 essentially on your turn that you basic things you can do our move but you can do up to your speed which is a sheet they’re typically in the entity for the gameboard track position here is not as important I cannot function for gelato but I try to keep in mind like who is where it is funny too so yeah you can take moving up to speed but you do not know you could also taking action those actions might include attacking with the wind… You have casting spells be to Cantrell for a first level spell maybe you up when you finally stress you have a lot of other options you can do other than just fighting you can

if you wanted to know it is a diva innocence smash them with your Warhammer the brakes were on the car there on the ground wagon and with that she looks like upon desk door and the other colony you can see that when it’s not in the brush somewhere just stops in his tracks and is like shit and that is where he’s at Order is just blast that one of the brush how far away is what is the one on the bus about 40 feet upgrade now question do I see that one of the brush do actually do not jobs is the one who spotted you can search for the U Yunus original direction if you try to spell every night it is a bandage because you don’t exactly know where is your perception checking is determined to get a pretty good idea

said Demetrio got there pretty easily followed the guy for Dorf is big in terms of diameter so this is Jay left a definite impression in the low to the mouth of a cave that serve natural stream is flowing out of three white streams nonspecialty it’s the most goddamn beautiful thing ever seen all of you get 20 appointments break

alongside of the stream basically running to the Cape with the 21 we will probably have to light the torch this Friday

Fairview kisses for any errors is Travis you’re welcome whenever to hand it is either disbursal okay so you could give you a torsion story of the usual cast light on my asked but I was going to be just as this’ll not attacking his ass best to try to start in the darkness he is attacking this is it to Chelsea knob is asked you can use to see my dad at will girl you can turn off just make coffee for by not believing

Cells behind Magnus can now see previously submitted earlier surfaces well I have dark fish six for righties see is yeah you darling me like you can reseal it further if you have the torch but 60 feet I just as much wider than to be that is always the way with the like you are leading the way not too far into the cavern you feel the path branch off to the right I guess you seek to have this beautiful light asked that in fact as you sort of get within distance of that interest that the light of your acts from your delight for your bitching exports into it you hear wrestling in there you hear the sound of metal started clinking together almost like a chain being being moved

Sound like a heavy chain chain start typically these are not much change that are in the most it’s okay so it’s up to you I want analyst I guess only what is the rate that sound like a big train or like just a regular human passages on that ahead of you but there’s basically a natural sub cavern serves for the right there that you have not really moving from love but you can hear the sounds of rustling in the chains but not a lot of changes that like it’s like there’s a WWE by wrestling match in there but Marley believes that he is brother Bieber and I tend towards accents on going down the chain hallway I like that I I am going to give you inspiration that I had them all way towards change to the to the fall and bar are you

So what are you searching up down there was going to Hell you heading Carol’s what’s what’s your position on a patient who shot you so I would advocate about this and also gave and you don’t hear you respond I’ll wear a bad gas in the bathtub guess they definitely do yeah to see if the Bethel gassy I guess I follow them okay well I know there’s actually tacos on team hang out while ago but 25 for you to get too far away come back see you the additional order so why don’t get too far away from the wisdom and 40 but I’m not stupid yeah I’m gonna go

So see me and you speak a little bit and now you just return the corner into discomfort with your ask around hoping to cast some light on the things you seen the inside you see a decent size cavern no furniture no furnishings to speak of whatsoever there are still at select type which is the one that comes up on the sidelines are you sure about that
The dinosaur stalactites or stalactites from the ceiling you see some bleaching ceiling beaching cones of rock when he walks things built into the theory and coming out of them are these big metal rod connected to chains connected to wolves three balls you like you like alight you can

Didn’t disturb them the shout of hey you be more careful I definitely definitely will come up but they’re not like growling they’re not especially violent right now I actually have a animal handling skill pretty good we should do to help your literature I’m a former carpenter with your atemoya

What is really blustery okay this is one okay will for every father wants to hear that Marissa right now are you your symmetry companion all that’s what I’m going to cautiously but confidently approach the walls EEE if anything is more important what you dealing with wolves you have a conflict because I don’t want to appear weak because they’re the the predator prey behaviors gonna kick it okay

You try closer to them they seem more agitated couples are snarling out they are there’s nothing else in the room other than these will make a perception check by 2020 unit is actually in the back of the room you see a crevice almost perfectly in the back of the room across from the entrance that at least supports almost like a natural Shanika to built into the built in to the cave there that leads up to a chamber it’s very very tight quarters it’s about 25 feet up history of billing we would be able should be up as it is straight up coming to make up the spider climbed your way up there but it would be very very difficult but the feelings of the walls them is Travis and I miss you I guess I’m gonna back back away but it’s always go first because I rushed in the room

I listen every time it once and then your brother still chilly out here if anyone’s curious Magnus is the evolution be a something that you can eat you Cassie they’re not in there with you is right there crap to play I want to play Dungeons & Dragons and tired of asking questions about the future is great you got to try this so there’s some holes down there for that let’s get going excellent well I trust your judgment okay I’m no I’m Into the Dead yeah sure alright so you can continue down the cave it’s getting very dark between the natural light that was coming in from the mouth of the cave is is really was provided

Until now basically in nature
Ask your Mac light to really around Merlin taco I was for a name and possibly you are yeah yeah yeah you can see basely just so as you are moving down DK alongside this this stream you notice across the street until it is saying is another passageway but this one is just like comfort and rubble it seems like it’s collapsed down down ways and make also perception check looking down the length of the Birthday and Jeff 912 1414

Had the outline of a overhead bridge overpass status that is suspended in the air bites connected to two entrances on the second story level it looks at connecting to passageways higher up in the cave a second story biscuit all you know about that that that shimmying up chimney thing will really help the sale probably put us on the second level maybe you also see the outline of a figure sitting on top of the bridge all up call out to him hello friend you’re using, I’m assuming today that they will wish Jessica is underground so you hear a questioning grow like and then after I get him to try getting gobbled it’s very good

Okay what are you hello friend is there a little bit I am you don’t sound like anybody I know we’re just exploring we take a wrong turn you certainly have you I would actually heartily recommend you turn around this is not a great place for tourism for proposals he does not have him that’s just closer sure yourself to come closer come closer to the overpass this is a good guy with the company illusion magic I will born you were very dangerous so we may be no hard I would not suggest launching an attack on us how dangerous are you just talk little update

Well played I was just trying to establish rapport well to be fair to be fair world doesn’t speak bubbling in the video I just got the seven €50 gold sorry it will dissolve where are we really do want to hide out you were making extremely uncomfortable I don’t know who you are what you’re doing your recruits but like I seen you was my name is taco a friend of ours was taken and his horses were killed was so yeah we did dad hey guys got your cigarettes from the space you need at the butt as he yells he writes his weapons so glad Rona ship? The thing with Richie and I got everything that you go to Kroger for or editing 10 and the taco got a form for Yankees is that with your modifiers yes we’re just gonna get give me the numbers the motivational on the I got 17 Jesus okay that’s very good that’s a 2+2 = 4 okay this one goblin on the overpass and after his word of warning and eventually branched two is a either by the two

Stream Lee loud you hear voices saying something taco you can understand is one of them says the two voices talking you here Wednesday really analysis the order and then you hear a banging almost like someone is hitting something against something else you can exactly seeing you can really tell with the with the noises with you here pretty terrible sound coming from down there until the order is Magnus so I am gonna pull up in that if they’re coming from behind us they’re coming from nobody’s coming usually determines the voices you are actually coming from in front of you behind the overpass the rest
Addis is deeper. The move to the front of the overpass to the opening where what is the voices are coming from I want to be ready for the first E certain position yourself in front of you move under the underpass to the other side waiting for whatever’s coming down in the Reading attacker for what is the first person to come down the hallway using a military so when I am by the way I’ve got my shields online and explain you can ready in action as an action to say what you’re going to do and what the trigger is so maybe you’re not in a position to do something right now but you will be closer to you you can ready that action and then using basically as soon as the trigger pops so you post up there next to be ordered is Merle cast she’ll say around around this kinks but it does

Descending through together we have it if it’s something is firing serve the arrow then it’s reached yeah you got a damn nice day damage he takes all that are not him back a little bit but he maintains his footing on the basket looks like she’s about to kick it she looks real bad that is the end of the rounds from the back of the hallway the traps just ran up really late to defend you hear her six pieces falling over and then immediately after that you hear the telltale sound of rushing water color it is it is back to madness be heavily shielded very very brave fine or I was worried about your self your body gotcha well it seems pretty limited in what I can do so via streaming next US also just picked up a little bit so that God’s timing to step to the side what I am so glad you’re coming over the bridge and that’s been sitting in front of correct you’re basically a little bit in front of being under the overpass at the Villa great head back okay everybody this and then I’m gonna shoot the little goblin with my short okay I’m is there something else I can do know you’re you’re just gonna Servicenter got 2323 that is a hit with the 635

Would euro 1414 Alateen you just like you. Miss Crystal is Lucco you scurry up the up the rocks and you you manage to climb on top of this bridge if you feel its way and shake a little bit underneath you as you get up there but didn’t hold fast that is the end of the round suddenly a horrifying wave of water a wall of water comes hurtling down the cave and it’s basically blast into our heroes that are on the ground level first idiots madness and then shortly thereafter Clyde took Merle who is still on his ass it starts to sweep you away see you can make a dexterity saving throw to try and not get flushed by this so this wall of water that thrush gave us to be so you’re going to Brohl a D 20 and add your dexterity modifier to it and you want to be to a target that it was gonna tell you I have 1313 to 16 okay so that we manage to grab onto the wallet justices with water hits you tries to pull you away unsuccessfully there’s a lot of water though so you’re sort of having to fight against the stream holding onto these rocks that he supposed to also make a string sitting through to make sure that you could hold onto this rock the whole time talking you just watching this this charade take place for safe start laughing but you are amused to see how it goes I got

I got a taco from down the cavern in the goblin you are plenty of this taco dealer to her certitude for a way to be got to say when you hear it but you here I am answering goblin taco just start live

No way to go down there is a cool cool Joire everywhere Teresa I got to the follicular I get the new Cuban shuffle off either sound of footsteps moving

The Zone Cast Ep 1 Voice-to-Text Transcription

Hurricane Katrina by the Numbers: 10 Years Later

10 years!


This week marks the tenth anniversary of the tragic day that Hurricane Katrina violently swept through the southeastern United States. The historic storm killed almost 2,000 people, left thousands stranded without homes, and scarred many lives for years to come.

Katrina initially touched down in southeast Louisiana as a category 3 storm on August 29, 2005 at 6 am. As it worked its way up the southeast, it left the city of New Orleans unrecognizable. Over 100,000 homes were destroyed and 80% of the city was flooded.

The government issued close to $142 billion in relief funds for the southeast region of the country, providing injured and displaced people, food, shelter, and medical care.

The southeastern United States is still recovering 10 years later. The population of New Orleans dropped drastically after Hurricane Katrina, from 483,633 residents before the storm, down to around 200,000 in 2006. Relief organizations like Habitat…

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Hurricane Katrina by the Numbers: 10 Years Later