Hurricane Katrina by the Numbers: 10 Years Later

10 years!


This week marks the tenth anniversary of the tragic day that Hurricane Katrina violently swept through the southeastern United States. The historic storm killed almost 2,000 people, left thousands stranded without homes, and scarred many lives for years to come.

Katrina initially touched down in southeast Louisiana as a category 3 storm on August 29, 2005 at 6 am. As it worked its way up the southeast, it left the city of New Orleans unrecognizable. Over 100,000 homes were destroyed and 80% of the city was flooded.

The government issued close to $142 billion in relief funds for the southeast region of the country, providing injured and displaced people, food, shelter, and medical care.

The southeastern United States is still recovering 10 years later. The population of New Orleans dropped drastically after Hurricane Katrina, from 483,633 residents before the storm, down to around 200,000 in 2006. Relief organizations like Habitat…

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Hurricane Katrina by the Numbers: 10 Years Later

My Honest Review of Things I Bought at Sheetz (TIBAS)

I don’t care about food reviews. I’ve never watched the Food Network, and I hate cooking. I also don’t have a Sheetz near where I live. That being said, TIBAS truly is the best food review show out there, and it’s the only one I’ll watch. (No cooking required.)

*Spoilers to follow*

Like anything, it’s not perfect: A wonderful plot line about Dwight and Justin’s engagement/marriage/honeymoon was abandoned and never explained. Some complained the show went off course from reviewing food. (I didn’t actually care about that, as you’ll understand from what I wrote at the beginning.)

No, it’s not perfect, but that doesn’t matter. Was I mad that the marriage plot was abandoned without explanation? Yes. (My brain processes things as black or white, so something like this is frustrating.) However, now I see that abandoning that plot line wasn’t a big deal. It drew in viewers, and it was good viewing. (Special guest appearance by Clint McElroy!)

Justin recently returned from the dead, which is unrealistic, but this is an internet show we’re talking about. It’s not supposed to be realistic. It’s supposed to be entertaining, and that it is.

TIBAS will never fail to amaze you. Everything that’s happened so far has been nothing short of ingenious.

Will I ever eat at a Sheetz? Probably not. (Well, I guess you don’t sit there and eat anyway.) I will, however, continue to watch this glorious show that is both silly and capable of changing the way my brain works.

You’ll probably want to start from the beginning, so go visit or look up Things I Bought at Sheetz on YouTube. There’s also a Facebook group, a Twitter account, and merchandise.

Things I Bought at Sheetz is a food review show unlike any other by Justin McElroy and Dwight Slappe. To date, there are 24 episodes.

Jill Hurley
15 Aug 2015

My Honest Review of Things I Bought at Sheetz (TIBAS)