Reading List for December 29, 2017


Sex, Satanism and the 19th Century ‘War of the Magicians’ On History Answers, James Hoare writes about the intense rivalry among the occultists who claimed to be prophets and magicians in mid-19th century France, who gave rise to the satanic churches.

σα_1US Prisoner Gouged Out Eyes After Jail Denied Mental Health Care, Lawsuit Says In The Guardian, Sam Levin writes about Ryan Partridge, a Colorado man who, during an acute bout of schizophrenia, attempted suicide twice and plucked out his eyes and was beaten and tased  by guards in response.

The Cutthroat World of Victorian Orchid Hunters On Modern Farmer, Andrew Amelinckx writes about the men whose incursions into the tropics in the 19th century fueled the orchid craze back in Victorian England.

Bussed Out In The Guardian, the paper’s Outside In America team writes about the policy among some major cities to offer free bus tickets to homeless people…

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Reading List for December 29, 2017