The Zone Cast Ep 1 Voice-to-Text Transcription

I tried using Dragon, a voice to text translation app, to help with my transcription of The Adventure Zone episodes. It didn’t work at all. What it did was turn out mind-blowing hilarity:

KS a magic sword to kill three more hit higher hound feeling thing is is that he’s got to cease just too beautiful he’s too perfect to lift his his face is just one more hand you would think that would factor into his name but well this is Griffin Matt sideburns know for weird but Burnside was that the sideburns are twice as bushy as the rest of the beer that’s so weird look what he started out cyber them and just stop okay not to be

this is Roy dad see euro which begins to stroke a double man’s workplace I love you Game stop math Iraq tacos was capable of IQ

yeah I had spellcasting abilities you didn’t even I mean that was redundant to bias or was it was capable of IQ I have a book that I can look at the get to just relax a little bit to get back in my myself what the fuck what’s the secret to book that I carry around with me to the seven habits of highly effective people are fantastic that way but he didn’t turn them down to go out I understand that he does care he carries a vanity mirror with them because Sunday he will decide to just take it back to the sideburns and he wants to be ready I understand

She was at the wine mixer and is the more time sealed our whole winter yeah it sounds disgusting really calling silly very blue jeans call Darren saying this is our game will start Tony’s grieves very blue jeans and bouncy to try bring the ingredients to create what people are just the Sopranos no cultured milk displaying the world. Our timing with the sour cream what’s you can crack the fucking middleman I’ll give it to you I will shower you with riches to talk about Nate lactose intolerant we bring food yet don’t be a Fedora that we the oxen you idiot a Wizard of Oz like him I had a very bluesy delivery okay so when you say the robber had like a day ahead yards ahead that night you sitting up in the morning

Our plastic caps I like cakes they are sure we just IR which are taking to a storefront in Finland called Parsons provisions and upon receipt they will give you payment but you got those up with some armor some blasting caps and food I’ll be sending this to go be at dropping off some supplies for traveling with it whenever you arrive safely and we’ve got the razzle adventure alliance 2000

I’m it’s funny you guys are traveling with a lot of general store good Armenia a bunch of parcels of land leather armor

you know it is a deep off and assist that you sent their asses on fire that is yet or you can write to them and smash them with you wherever the brakes were on the card there on the ground shows your assertive in the saddle driving the cart through the assertive towards the front of the card where Magness summing you up to to warn you they did horses so you’re all basically towards the front of the card… So there is not really a bus at this level I can throw when you guys still burning throughout your thoughts which I will out of character tell you these goblins probably don’t merit their caution they got your printer

action to combat H 10 essentially on your turn that you basic things you can do our move but you can do up to your speed which is a sheet they’re typically in the entity for the gameboard track position here is not as important I cannot function for gelato but I try to keep in mind like who is where it is funny too so yeah you can take moving up to speed but you do not know you could also taking action those actions might include attacking with the wind… You have casting spells be to Cantrell for a first level spell maybe you up when you finally stress you have a lot of other options you can do other than just fighting you can

if you wanted to know it is a diva innocence smash them with your Warhammer the brakes were on the car there on the ground wagon and with that she looks like upon desk door and the other colony you can see that when it’s not in the brush somewhere just stops in his tracks and is like shit and that is where he’s at Order is just blast that one of the brush how far away is what is the one on the bus about 40 feet upgrade now question do I see that one of the brush do actually do not jobs is the one who spotted you can search for the U Yunus original direction if you try to spell every night it is a bandage because you don’t exactly know where is your perception checking is determined to get a pretty good idea

said Demetrio got there pretty easily followed the guy for Dorf is big in terms of diameter so this is Jay left a definite impression in the low to the mouth of a cave that serve natural stream is flowing out of three white streams nonspecialty it’s the most goddamn beautiful thing ever seen all of you get 20 appointments break

alongside of the stream basically running to the Cape with the 21 we will probably have to light the torch this Friday

Fairview kisses for any errors is Travis you’re welcome whenever to hand it is either disbursal okay so you could give you a torsion story of the usual cast light on my asked but I was going to be just as this’ll not attacking his ass best to try to start in the darkness he is attacking this is it to Chelsea knob is asked you can use to see my dad at will girl you can turn off just make coffee for by not believing

Cells behind Magnus can now see previously submitted earlier surfaces well I have dark fish six for righties see is yeah you darling me like you can reseal it further if you have the torch but 60 feet I just as much wider than to be that is always the way with the like you are leading the way not too far into the cavern you feel the path branch off to the right I guess you seek to have this beautiful light asked that in fact as you sort of get within distance of that interest that the light of your acts from your delight for your bitching exports into it you hear wrestling in there you hear the sound of metal started clinking together almost like a chain being being moved

Sound like a heavy chain chain start typically these are not much change that are in the most it’s okay so it’s up to you I want analyst I guess only what is the rate that sound like a big train or like just a regular human passages on that ahead of you but there’s basically a natural sub cavern serves for the right there that you have not really moving from love but you can hear the sounds of rustling in the chains but not a lot of changes that like it’s like there’s a WWE by wrestling match in there but Marley believes that he is brother Bieber and I tend towards accents on going down the chain hallway I like that I I am going to give you inspiration that I had them all way towards change to the to the fall and bar are you

So what are you searching up down there was going to Hell you heading Carol’s what’s what’s your position on a patient who shot you so I would advocate about this and also gave and you don’t hear you respond I’ll wear a bad gas in the bathtub guess they definitely do yeah to see if the Bethel gassy I guess I follow them okay well I know there’s actually tacos on team hang out while ago but 25 for you to get too far away come back see you the additional order so why don’t get too far away from the wisdom and 40 but I’m not stupid yeah I’m gonna go

So see me and you speak a little bit and now you just return the corner into discomfort with your ask around hoping to cast some light on the things you seen the inside you see a decent size cavern no furniture no furnishings to speak of whatsoever there are still at select type which is the one that comes up on the sidelines are you sure about that
The dinosaur stalactites or stalactites from the ceiling you see some bleaching ceiling beaching cones of rock when he walks things built into the theory and coming out of them are these big metal rod connected to chains connected to wolves three balls you like you like alight you can

Didn’t disturb them the shout of hey you be more careful I definitely definitely will come up but they’re not like growling they’re not especially violent right now I actually have a animal handling skill pretty good we should do to help your literature I’m a former carpenter with your atemoya

What is really blustery okay this is one okay will for every father wants to hear that Marissa right now are you your symmetry companion all that’s what I’m going to cautiously but confidently approach the walls EEE if anything is more important what you dealing with wolves you have a conflict because I don’t want to appear weak because they’re the the predator prey behaviors gonna kick it okay

You try closer to them they seem more agitated couples are snarling out they are there’s nothing else in the room other than these will make a perception check by 2020 unit is actually in the back of the room you see a crevice almost perfectly in the back of the room across from the entrance that at least supports almost like a natural Shanika to built into the built in to the cave there that leads up to a chamber it’s very very tight quarters it’s about 25 feet up history of billing we would be able should be up as it is straight up coming to make up the spider climbed your way up there but it would be very very difficult but the feelings of the walls them is Travis and I miss you I guess I’m gonna back back away but it’s always go first because I rushed in the room

I listen every time it once and then your brother still chilly out here if anyone’s curious Magnus is the evolution be a something that you can eat you Cassie they’re not in there with you is right there crap to play I want to play Dungeons & Dragons and tired of asking questions about the future is great you got to try this so there’s some holes down there for that let’s get going excellent well I trust your judgment okay I’m no I’m Into the Dead yeah sure alright so you can continue down the cave it’s getting very dark between the natural light that was coming in from the mouth of the cave is is really was provided

Until now basically in nature
Ask your Mac light to really around Merlin taco I was for a name and possibly you are yeah yeah yeah you can see basely just so as you are moving down DK alongside this this stream you notice across the street until it is saying is another passageway but this one is just like comfort and rubble it seems like it’s collapsed down down ways and make also perception check looking down the length of the Birthday and Jeff 912 1414

Had the outline of a overhead bridge overpass status that is suspended in the air bites connected to two entrances on the second story level it looks at connecting to passageways higher up in the cave a second story biscuit all you know about that that that shimmying up chimney thing will really help the sale probably put us on the second level maybe you also see the outline of a figure sitting on top of the bridge all up call out to him hello friend you’re using, I’m assuming today that they will wish Jessica is underground so you hear a questioning grow like and then after I get him to try getting gobbled it’s very good

Okay what are you hello friend is there a little bit I am you don’t sound like anybody I know we’re just exploring we take a wrong turn you certainly have you I would actually heartily recommend you turn around this is not a great place for tourism for proposals he does not have him that’s just closer sure yourself to come closer come closer to the overpass this is a good guy with the company illusion magic I will born you were very dangerous so we may be no hard I would not suggest launching an attack on us how dangerous are you just talk little update

Well played I was just trying to establish rapport well to be fair to be fair world doesn’t speak bubbling in the video I just got the seven €50 gold sorry it will dissolve where are we really do want to hide out you were making extremely uncomfortable I don’t know who you are what you’re doing your recruits but like I seen you was my name is taco a friend of ours was taken and his horses were killed was so yeah we did dad hey guys got your cigarettes from the space you need at the butt as he yells he writes his weapons so glad Rona ship? The thing with Richie and I got everything that you go to Kroger for or editing 10 and the taco got a form for Yankees is that with your modifiers yes we’re just gonna get give me the numbers the motivational on the I got 17 Jesus okay that’s very good that’s a 2+2 = 4 okay this one goblin on the overpass and after his word of warning and eventually branched two is a either by the two

Stream Lee loud you hear voices saying something taco you can understand is one of them says the two voices talking you here Wednesday really analysis the order and then you hear a banging almost like someone is hitting something against something else you can exactly seeing you can really tell with the with the noises with you here pretty terrible sound coming from down there until the order is Magnus so I am gonna pull up in that if they’re coming from behind us they’re coming from nobody’s coming usually determines the voices you are actually coming from in front of you behind the overpass the rest
Addis is deeper. The move to the front of the overpass to the opening where what is the voices are coming from I want to be ready for the first E certain position yourself in front of you move under the underpass to the other side waiting for whatever’s coming down in the Reading attacker for what is the first person to come down the hallway using a military so when I am by the way I’ve got my shields online and explain you can ready in action as an action to say what you’re going to do and what the trigger is so maybe you’re not in a position to do something right now but you will be closer to you you can ready that action and then using basically as soon as the trigger pops so you post up there next to be ordered is Merle cast she’ll say around around this kinks but it does

Descending through together we have it if it’s something is firing serve the arrow then it’s reached yeah you got a damn nice day damage he takes all that are not him back a little bit but he maintains his footing on the basket looks like she’s about to kick it she looks real bad that is the end of the rounds from the back of the hallway the traps just ran up really late to defend you hear her six pieces falling over and then immediately after that you hear the telltale sound of rushing water color it is it is back to madness be heavily shielded very very brave fine or I was worried about your self your body gotcha well it seems pretty limited in what I can do so via streaming next US also just picked up a little bit so that God’s timing to step to the side what I am so glad you’re coming over the bridge and that’s been sitting in front of correct you’re basically a little bit in front of being under the overpass at the Villa great head back okay everybody this and then I’m gonna shoot the little goblin with my short okay I’m is there something else I can do know you’re you’re just gonna Servicenter got 2323 that is a hit with the 635

Would euro 1414 Alateen you just like you. Miss Crystal is Lucco you scurry up the up the rocks and you you manage to climb on top of this bridge if you feel its way and shake a little bit underneath you as you get up there but didn’t hold fast that is the end of the round suddenly a horrifying wave of water a wall of water comes hurtling down the cave and it’s basically blast into our heroes that are on the ground level first idiots madness and then shortly thereafter Clyde took Merle who is still on his ass it starts to sweep you away see you can make a dexterity saving throw to try and not get flushed by this so this wall of water that thrush gave us to be so you’re going to Brohl a D 20 and add your dexterity modifier to it and you want to be to a target that it was gonna tell you I have 1313 to 16 okay so that we manage to grab onto the wallet justices with water hits you tries to pull you away unsuccessfully there’s a lot of water though so you’re sort of having to fight against the stream holding onto these rocks that he supposed to also make a string sitting through to make sure that you could hold onto this rock the whole time talking you just watching this this charade take place for safe start laughing but you are amused to see how it goes I got

I got a taco from down the cavern in the goblin you are plenty of this taco dealer to her certitude for a way to be got to say when you hear it but you here I am answering goblin taco just start live

No way to go down there is a cool cool Joire everywhere Teresa I got to the follicular I get the new Cuban shuffle off either sound of footsteps moving

The Zone Cast Ep 1 Voice-to-Text Transcription

My Honest Review of Things I Bought at Sheetz (TIBAS)

I don’t care about food reviews. I’ve never watched the Food Network, and I hate cooking. I also don’t have a Sheetz near where I live. That being said, TIBAS truly is the best food review show out there, and it’s the only one I’ll watch. (No cooking required.)

*Spoilers to follow*

Like anything, it’s not perfect: A wonderful plot line about Dwight and Justin’s engagement/marriage/honeymoon was abandoned and never explained. Some complained the show went off course from reviewing food. (I didn’t actually care about that, as you’ll understand from what I wrote at the beginning.)

No, it’s not perfect, but that doesn’t matter. Was I mad that the marriage plot was abandoned without explanation? Yes. (My brain processes things as black or white, so something like this is frustrating.) However, now I see that abandoning that plot line wasn’t a big deal. It drew in viewers, and it was good viewing. (Special guest appearance by Clint McElroy!)

Justin recently returned from the dead, which is unrealistic, but this is an internet show we’re talking about. It’s not supposed to be realistic. It’s supposed to be entertaining, and that it is.

TIBAS will never fail to amaze you. Everything that’s happened so far has been nothing short of ingenious.

Will I ever eat at a Sheetz? Probably not. (Well, I guess you don’t sit there and eat anyway.) I will, however, continue to watch this glorious show that is both silly and capable of changing the way my brain works.

You’ll probably want to start from the beginning, so go visit or look up Things I Bought at Sheetz on YouTube. There’s also a Facebook group, a Twitter account, and merchandise.

Things I Bought at Sheetz is a food review show unlike any other by Justin McElroy and Dwight Slappe. To date, there are 24 episodes.

Jill Hurley
15 Aug 2015

My Honest Review of Things I Bought at Sheetz (TIBAS)